Sen. Scott Talks Storm Prep At Emergency Operations Center

Rick Scott At PBC EOC

Photo: CBS 12

Florida Senator Rick Scott paid a visit to a familiar place on Thursday.

The former governor was back at the Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center to promote hurricane preparedness.

"I had four major hurricanes as work your butt off to make sure nobody dies. And I never want anybody to die in these."

He talked about the importance of having at least a week's worth of non-perishable food and two weeks worth of medications on hand in case of a hurricane.

Scott also talked about the dangers that come after a storm.

"If you're going to use a generator, learn how it works. If you're going to use a chainsaw, learn how it works."

Deaths linked to hurricanes often happen in the aftermath of them.

The senator also reminds Floridians that the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday continues through June 10.

Click Here for more details on what should be in your emergency preparedness kit.

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