Florida ranks among highest states in the nation for car insurance

According to a report by Bankrate, Florida ranks among the most expensive states in the nation for full coverage car insurance. 

The analysis from Bankrate reports Florida is the second-most expensive state in the U.S., with car insurance rates averaging about $2,364 annually for full coverage, compared to the national average of $1,674, nearly $700 more.

Michael Barry, Chief Communications Officer of the Insurance Information Institute, says there’s ways Floridians can cut down on their coverage costs.

Barry says drivers should ask their insurance companies about discounts for having a good credit score, being a good student, driving less because of the pandemic, or taking a defensive driving course.

“Defensive driving is usually worth doing because it will stay in effect for three years, and you’ll often times see an upwards of 10 percent decrease, maybe, even more, depending on your insurer,” Barry said.

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