Wife hits husband with car, shoots him in butt in South Florida

NAPLES, FL – A man was shot in the butt by his wife after she hit him with a car in South Florida on Tuesday.

Jose Trujillo claims he was riding his bike on Tuesday evening when his wife, Catherine Cruz, got in front of him with her car and slammed on the brakes.

Trujillo tells NBC 2 News “she happens to see me headed towards that way, pulls in front of me, hits the brakes really fast and I hit the back of the car."

According to Trujillo, that's when Cruz pulled out and cocked a gun, telling NBC 2 “I’m holding her hands and she’s letting off rounds, shooting about four rounds and the fifth round she happens to weasel her way out and that’s when she shoots me back here.”

The bullet hit him in the right butt cheek.

Trujillo says his wife started screaming that he was robbing her and a good Samaritan stepped in, using a taser to stun him.

Trujillo tells NBC 2 News the good Samaritan “came down, trying to protect her and she’s tasing me right and I’m smacking her and I’m like ‘Man, I got a gun. Chill! Chill! Chill! I’m the victim! I’m the victim! My wife just shot me. Tell her to get a better taser because that’s trash.”

Cruz was arrested and Trujillo went to the hospital.

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