Semi tow truck worth $800,000 stolen in South Florida

MIAMI , FL - An $800,000 semi tow truck was stolen from a South Florida business early Saturday morning.

Surveillance video captured several people pulling up to the TruckMax Inc. Commercial Truck Dealership in Miami around 1 a.m. Saturday.

The video captured the suspects entering through the fence, attaching a chain to the metal gate, and using the big rig to pull the gate down.

Investigators say the keys were not inside, but the thieves were still able to start the vehicle.

The owner of the rare truck, used to tow and lift large vehicles, told Local 10 News the vehicle can be started with a key to a different truck of the same make and model, since so few are manufactured every year.

The truck's owner suspects that someone spotted the vehicle at a recent auction, found out where it was being stored, and stole it while it was pending final transaction.

An investigation is ongoing.

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