8 Republicans Run In South Florida U.S. House Seat Long Held By Democrats

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With many pundits expecting a so-called "red wave" in November, a number of Republicans are running for Congressional seats in Florida that are currently held by Democrats.

This as we wait to see what those districts look like after a special session on redistricting results in a new Congressional map.

In the case of District 21, there are 8 candidates running in a GOP primary this August.

They include retired equity trader Bill Wheelen, who's helped the campaigns of former President Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott.

This time, Wheelen says, he felt the need to run for office himself. He claims that he's the only one that stands a chance against the current office holder.

"(Current office holder) Lois Frankel is a formidable opponent. Just because she didn't really campaign against Laura Loomer two years ago doesn't mean she's not formidable."

Wheelen is a big supporter of Rick Scott's "11 Point Plan to Rescue America."

"It brings us back to a point of normalcy. For example, he wants our kids to be able to say the Pledge of Allegiance, salute the Flag, learn that America is actually a great country and we're not that racist, no good thing that the radicals try to portray us as."

We will be reaching out to the other candidates in District 21, as well as those in other races across the county ahead of the August primary.

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