Florida's Surgeon General Says Masks Don't Save Lives

One day after a video of Gov. DeSantis telling Hillsborough County high school students to take off their masks went viral, his newly-appointed Surgeon General is saying masks are not saving lives. Appearing with the governor in Panama City this morning, Dr. Joseph Ladapo said people are still holding on to the "illusion" about masks. "What saves lives, frankly, is freedom to speak and freedom to find truth," Ladapo said. ""What saves lives is immunity, early treatment, and being as healthy as you can."

Dr. Ladapo also criticized the CDC for what he called "shaky studies and shaky methods" for its data. "Finding 80% reductions in infections? Give me a break," Dr. Ladapo said.

"It's a lie and people need to un-believe it," Dr. Ladapo said. He did not mention vaccines in his remarks.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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