Florida mom caught on camera instigating fight between girls at SkyZone

A mom is facing charges after allegedly instigating a fight between her 13-year-old daughter and another girl inside a Florida SkyZone.

According to her arrest report, Joslyn Figueroa’s daughter was fighting with another girl in the parking lot of the Fort Myers SkyZone on Friday, February 11th.

The fight was eventually broken up and the victim walked back inside the SkyZone and away from Figueroa and her daughter.

According to her arrest report, Figueroa also punched the girl several times.

At one point, a 16-year old employee tried to break up the fight but was tossed to the side by Figueroa.

A man also attempted to break up the fight, to which Figueroa shouted, “no, don’t touch my daughter!”

The victim suffered a dislocated shoulder and multiple muscle strains. She was able to identify Figueroa in a photo lineup several days later.

Figueroa was arrested on two charges of child cruelty, one charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and one charge for inciting a riot. 

Her bond was set at $21,500.

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