Florida couple charged after being busted for apartment rental scam

A Florida couple are facing multiple charges of fraud after allegedly bilking several unsuspecting people out of thousands of dollars while running a rental scam.

Vivian Rodriguez and Yovany Serna are accused of stealing thousands from people looking to rent an apartment at their one story property on West 60th street in Hialeah.

Investigators say the scam involved the couple made an online listing for a side efficiency unit. Unsuspecting victims answered the ad on Facebook marketplace, were given a tour of the unit, then handed over cash deposits ranging from $1,100 to $1,200.

However, when moving day came, the would-be tenants were given various excuses as to why the apartment wasn’t ready.

At some point, the couple stopped answering the victim's calls.

Only after the would-be tenants showed up to the home did they find out they fell victim to a rental scam.

Property records show the couple don't actually own the one story home, and court records show they've been arrested for similar crimes in the past.

Both Rodriguez and Serna are being held behind bars on 28 charges with a bond of $56,000.

Bond has been revoked for the couple due to their previous charges.

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