Keeping Florida homes warm during cold snaps doesn't have to break the bank

It was a VERY cold weekend across the Sunshine State. It'll warm up some mid-week and then this coming weekend may be even colder than this PAST weekend. Florida Power and Light's Sarah Gatewood has some timely tips for keeping warm without going to the poor house.

"When heating your home set your thermostat to 68 degrees and keep your fan set on auto," Gatewood says. "Every degree above 68 could add up to 10-percent to your heating costs."

During the day Gatewood says you can use the sun to heat your home- keep your south-facing windows clean and keeping your curtains open- then closing them at night. Turn down the temperature on your water heater.

"Lowering it to 115 degrees will still provide plenty of hot water. Use space heaters safely and only in small areas as they can use a lot of energy."

You can also use an electric blanket to stay warm at night but Gatewood says avoid running chords under your mattress.

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