Florida Democrats Try To Undo Some Of The New Elections Laws Passed in '21

Voting Rights Activists Rally At US Capitol Building Urging Senate To Pass For The People Act

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A South Florida Democrat in the state Senate is railing against Florida's election reform law that passed last year.

Tina Polsky says SB-90 limited the ease of voting through the mail and claims the Republicans were playing politics.

"What really happened is that for the first time the Democrats outvoted the Republicans in vote-by-mail."

The law now requires voters to register for a mail-in ballot every two years, but it used to be four.

Republicans say it was aimed at mitigating fraud and keeping Florida's voting rolls up to date.

Polsky is sponsoring a bill (SB-1586) that would allow you to sign the back of your ballot this year, indicating that you would like a mail-in ballot next year.

Her bill would also put time limits on when the governor can set a special election.

"There's no one representing almost 700,000 people in the state of Florida, all because the governor decided to play politics and set special elections so much later than they needed to be set."

Three South Florida Democrats gave up their Legislative seats to run for a seat in Congress, left vacant by the April death of Alcee Hastings. No votes took place until November.

Polsky on Monday was taking part in a virtual press conference that was hosted by Democrat Congresswoman Lois Frankel to coincide with Sunday's anniversary of the U.S. ratification of Amendment 24, which eliminated poll taxes in 1964.

The U.S. representative said it's important to pass the stalled "Voting Rights" bills in Washington.

"Republican legislatures all over this country, including here in Florida, have put into effect laws that we think endanger the right to vote."

Republicans say what Democrats in Congress are trying to pass amounts to a federal takeover of elections.

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