Groundbreaking Next Week On Another Brightline Train Station In Florida

Private High-Speed Rail Service Brightline Announces Its Service To Start Next Week

Photo: Getty Images North America

Empty Brightline test trains are running daily through 2022 from South Florida to the Space Coast, getting conductors and engineers prepared for the service to run to Orlando next year.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Boca Raton says a train will be stopping in his city even sooner.

"We're gonna break ground on our new Brightline station on Tuesday. (It's) very exciting and that should be up and running by the end of this year."

Scott Singer says he reached out to the high-speed rail line three years ago to strike a deal and was able to get federal funding to help build the station and parking garage through a vote from Congress.

Some Florida city leaders have been complaining about these qualifying trains, as Brightline calls them. While the service will be running between Miami and Orlando next year, there are no planned stops on the Treasure Coast.

Singer says having the stop makes all the difference.

"I can understand why some other people might be concerned but the trains were already going through our city in Boca Raton so the question is do we want trains going through with no benefit or do we want to be part of a major network."

Brightline currently takes passengers from Miami to West Palm Beach, with a stop in Fort Lauderdale along the way.

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