Florida parent accused of participating in middle-school melee

Cell phone video captured a middle-school melee that broke out at a South Florida middle school.

On Friday, students gathered outside Myrtle Grove K-8 School in Miami Gardens began fighting while waiting to be picked up by busses and parents.

Tiphany Thomas says her 13-year-old daughter was captured on video being struck by a student wearing a green jacket.

Thomas' daughter, seen wearing a dark blue jacket in the video, began fighting back, before Thomas ran towards the crowd and chased the attackers away.

Thomas told Local 10 News “I’m like, ‘what is going on?’ She was like, ‘Mom, they just jumped me."

Thomas claims the parent of another child is captured on video holding her daughter down and striking her, telling Local 10 News "she jumped out of her vehicle and grabbed my daughter and restrained her while striking her in the head along with the other assailant."

Since the incident occurred on school grounds, Thomas has reached out to Miami-Dade County Public Schools to find out what is being done to hold the parent accountable.

Local 10 News received a statement from the school district that read "Miami-Dade County Public Schools works tirelessly to cultivate a respectful and safe learning environment for students. We remind parents to do their part by acting responsibly and serving as good role models for their children.”

School officials say the children involved have been reprimanded according to school code and have been suspended from classes.

Police are investigating the incident and no arrests have been made.

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