Man in stolen vehicle asks strangers for help charging his ankle monitor

A man on house arrest was taken into custody by the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office after he was seen riding in a stolen vehicle and asking for help charging his ankle monitor.

On Tuesday evening, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office received several calls about a person riding through homeowners’ properties on a red side-by-side.

The man, identified by authorities as Joshua Shane Crider, approached a stranger and asked if he could use their electrical outlet to charge his ankle monitor.

Detectives responding to the call saw Crider behaving strangely. As they approached him, Crider reached into his pockets and made several suspicious clicking sounds.

When the suspect refused to keep his hands visible, he was handcuffed.

During a search of the suspect, Crider was found with a box cutter in his pocket with the blade out.

A check on the side-by-side revealed the vehicle was reported stolen out of Charlotte County.

Detectives ran a check on Crider and found he on house arrest.

Crider faces charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle and resisting arrest, both felonies.

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