Florida Infrastructure Gets a C in Engineers Report

TAMPA -- The state of Florida's public works get a mediocre grade from an engineering society. But nationally, we're still above average.

The Florida Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers gives the state's infrastructure a "C" grade in its 2021 report card. The ASCE gave Florida grades in 14 categories:

Aviation C+

Bridges B

Coastal Areas C-

Dams D-

Drinking Water C

Energy C+

Levees D+

Ports B

Roads C+

Schools D+

Solid Waste B+

Stormwater C-

Transit C

Wastewater C

Florida actually got a better grade than the national average... a C-minus.

The ASCE says Florida has been doing a "commendable" job preparing for the impacts of population growth, tourism and climate change.

Despite adding close to three million new residents and dealing with severe storms over the past decade, ASCE says Florida's surface transportation is one of the highest performing networks in the nation. 31 percent of major roadways are in poor condition compared with 42 percent nationally. Ports and bridges rank especially well. Only three percent of bridges are listed as poor.

See the full report here:

Photo: Getty Images

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