WATCH: Gabby Petito Autopsy Rules Death by Strangulation

JACKSON, Wyoming -- The Teton County coroner has ruled that Gabby Petito died by strangulation.

Dr. Brent Blue declared that the cause of death is strangulation and the manner of death is a homicide. He said by Wyoming law, he could not release further information about the autopsy. He says the autopsy took some time because they were working with experts and waiting for toxicology results.

Dr. Blue says Petito's remains have been returned to a mortuary in Wyoming that is dealing with the family. He says the FBI has sent material to a

Dr. Blue estimates that the time of death was three to four weeks before the body was discovered on September 19. He said he could not identify Brian Laundrie as a suspect, as that was the responsibility of law enforcement.

The coroner says the autopsy included a full-body CAT scan, examination by a forensic pathologist and a forensic anthropologist, and a toxicology evaluation. The FBI also sent samples to a forensic entomologist.

Responding to a question, Blue says Gabby Petito was not pregnant.

Photo: Canva/NPPD

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