World's largest satellite manufacturing facility coming to Florida

A company that bills itself as the world leader in small satellites is coming to Florida's Space Coast.

"Terran Orbital will be investing $300 million in the Space Coast by bringing it's commercial spacecraft and constellation facility to Space Florida's launch and landing facility," Governor Ron DeSantis said Monday in Merritt Island.

This will be the largest satellite manufacturing facility in the entire world. Over the next four years, the Terran Orbital project is expected to create more than two-thousand new jobs with an average annual income of $84 thousand dollars.

"Satellite manufacturing is an important part of the economy here on the Space Coast and this really ups the ante. In 2020 alone 1200 satellites were launched into space, triple the number of satellites launched in 2019."

Terran Orbital CEO Marc Bell said they plan to build "not only vehicles that will go into orbit, that will go to the moon, they will go to Mars, into deep space and the stars beyond."

Image courtesy Getty

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