Some Florida Teachers' $1000 Bonus Checks Bounce

TALLAHASSEE -- Florida Department of Education officials say about 50 educators couldn't cash the $1,000 bonus checks they received from the state.

Agency spokesman Brett Tubbs told the News Service of Florida that "a banking error by JPMorgan Chase" left those 50 with a rubber check. Tubbs says those educators have been identified and the bank will be reimbursing all penalties and fees. Tubbs said some 176,000 teachers and principals have received a relief payment.

Governor Ron DeSantis prioritized giving teachers a special bonus this year to show appreciation for their work during the pandemic.

State Senator Jason Pizzo, a North Miami Beach Democrat, send out a photo of one of the bounced check on Friday, suggesting the state should have used direct deposit.

Information from the News Service of Florida was used in this report.

Photo: Canva

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