Parent Calls For School Board Member's Resignation Over Mask Debate

PBC School Board Faces 5p.m. Deadline on Mask Mandate

Photo: CBS 12

Palm Beach County parents are up in arms after a school board member who voted to mask kids was seen unmasked at a party.

"Alexandria Ayala, District 2, I am calling for your immediate resignation. Goodbye."

Angelique Contreras showed photos and videos of Board Member Ayala at the Breakers in Palm Beach last weekend. Others also brought it up, calling it "hypocrisy."

Ayala never addressed the subject during last night's school board meeting. She was one of the "yes" votes weeks ago to institute a mask mandate for students with no parental opt-out, which violates state law.

A host of other parents also spoke during the public comments portion of the meeting Wednesday night.

"Our children have a right to an in-person education, without being forced to wear a muzzle."

Kevin Wederman also gave board members a piece of his mind over how his kids are being treated in school, by those being paid to teach them.

"I have a 5th grader that has had a mask thrown in her face by a teacher." He continued..."Consider this speech my vote of no confidence in this board to follow the law and protect my legal rights as a parent."

Security was heavy at the meeting where some parents claim police weren't allowing people in.

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