Palm Beach Schools Will End Mandatory Quarantines For Asymptomatic Students

PBC School Board Meeting

Photo: CBS 12

The Palm Beach County School Board decided Wednesday night to follow the new quarantine policy set forth by new state Surgeon General Dr. Joe Ladapo, though two members voted against it.

"I think it's bad public health."

Debra Robinson is a medical doctor, who doesn't like the idea of allowing parents to decide whether or not to send their kids to school if they've come into contact with someone who's tested COVID-positive, assuming they're not showing any symptoms.

She says there are significant numbers of COVID transmission that occur from asymptomatic people. But Robinson went further, saying that she finds it "awfully suspect that the surgeon general's voice was quieted and then the day after a new surgeon general is appointed this comes out. I don't know, if it's wilding and quacking I tend to think it's a duck."

The final vote means that more the more than 1,500 students currently ordered to quarantine at home because of exposure could potentially return to class.

Superintendent Michael Burke said recently that a "vast majority" of students who have been sent home due to exposure have not tested positive. The school district plans to ramp up testing of asymptomatic students.

The other "no" vote to the quarantine policy switch came from Alexandria Ayala.

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