Sheriff Warns Palm Beach Raceway's Demolition Could "Cost Lives"

Palm Beach International Raceway

Photo: CBS 12

Add Palm Beach County's Sheriff to the people who are pulling for the Palm Beach International Raceway to remain in place.

Ric Bradshaw put out a statement saying that "If this racetrack is lost, it means we could see an increase in drag racing, motorcycle racing and reckless driving on our neighborhood streets and highways, which could lead to senseless fatalities."

His statement goes on to say it's a problem that could escalate and cost lives as people ignore traffic signals, weather concerns, and the general rules of the road. The message closes out by stating "As Sheriff of Palm Beach County, it is prudent that this facility stay a raceway, so these thrill-seekers have someplace to go beside our public streets."

The property, near the Beeline Highway in Jupiter, is up for sale and a company with a contract in place to buy it would likely turn it into distribution warehouse space.

The raceway has been there since 1964 and a group of

Formula Race Promotions is offering to purchase the property for $55 million to keep it for car racing with the help of would-be investors like rapper Pitbull, former Indy 500 winner Danny Sullivan and John Oates, of Hall and Oates fame.

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