Hillsborough Commission Approves Commuter Ferry to MacDill AFB

TAMPA -- Hillsborough County Commissioners voted 6-1 to approve a new ferry deal that will eventually include commuter service from South County to MacDill Air Force Base.

Commissioner Ken Hagan was the only "no" vote. He says it won't take enough cars off the roads and the money isn't there. "At mosst 1250 cars are being taken off the road. In my opinion this is a colossal waste of money for very low ridership."

Commissioner Kimberly Overman backed the agreement. She acts as the commission's liaison to MacDill Air Force Base and says that those who work there tell her there's a need. "Every time.. I meet with personnel on the base, what I hear from them is 'we need another way to get there."

The county has to pay for more than $54 million in capital improvements as part of the deal. Other commissioners hope federal infrastructure money or state grants could make up the difference.

Commissioner Gwen Myers proposed tying funding to a proposed transportation surtax for the 2022 ballot, similar to one that passed in 2018 but was thrown out by the Florida Supreme Court. Her motion was voted down 4-3.

Photo: Hillsborough County

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