Masks Won't Be Mandatory In PBC Classrooms

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

The Palm Beach County School District will not require masks for the upcoming school year.

Interim Superintendent Michael Burke addressed the school board Wednesday night, citing the executive order from Governor DeSantis that threatens to withhold funding from districts that punish kids if they don't wear masks.

"While I may question the governor's reasoning, there's no question in my mind that he will use all the powers at his disposal to enforce this order."

He said that if the district were to lose state funding, it would be unable to pay many of its bills or make payroll.

According to the latest budget, the school district could potentially lose $600 million if the state were to pull all of its funding, according to their latest budget.

The School District will "strongly encourage" wearing masks this upcoming school year, without mandating them. Teachers and staff will also not be required to mask up, but visitors to school campuses will still be required to wear face coverings.

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