Starliner launch scrubbed due to issue on board ISS

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said Thursday his big concern was the weather looking toward Friday's launch of Boeing's Starliner capsule from Cape Canaveral. The launch is being delayed- but not because of the weather. United Launch Alliance tweeted Thursday afternoon the liftoff is being postponed because of a "situation onboard the International Space Station."

Thrusters on a Russian module that had just arrived at the ISS unexpectedly began firing, putting the orbiting lab out of position for the Starliner that had been scheduled to arrive at the Space Station Saturday. No one on board the ISS was ever in danger and it's position has been fixed.

A new launch date for the Starliner capsule has been set for next Tuesday at 1:20pm Eastern time. An Atlas V rocket will carry the spacecraft into orbit. The uncrewed capsule is full of supplies for the Space Station.

Image courtesy Getty

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