White House Welcomes Buccaneers for Super Bowl Win

WASHINGTON -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first team from the Tampa Bay area to celebrate a team championship at the White House Tuesday.

Bucs co-owner Bryan Glazer and quarterback Tom Brady walked out with President Joe Biden at the beginning of the ceremony. Biden remarked that the Bucs' comeback from a middling 7-5 to sweep the rest of the regular season and the playoffs shows that "it's never too late to come together and achieve extraordinary things."

Noting the Lightning's Stanley Cup win, Biden said the Bucs and Bolts were "making a pretty strong case for calling Tampa a city of champions."

The oldest ever president promised no jokes about the oldest ever head coach and oldest ever quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

Biden praised the NFL for turning stadiums into vaccination sites, giving prime seats at the big game to medical personnel, and giving people hope through "the dark days of last winter."

Brady joked that few believed the Bucs could beat the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, and that "40 percent still don't believe we won."

"I understand that," Biden replied.

Following the game some Buccaneer players faced White House interns in a touch football game.

Photo: Getty Images

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