FIU Study Reports Champlain Towers has Been Sinking Since the 90's

Residential Building In Miami Partially Collapsed

Photo: Getty Images

Experts are shocked by the scale of the Surfside condo collapse and say there are no signs of a sinkhole or gas explosion. And they say buildings like these - have backup structures - to save the building if parts of it start to crumble - and that didn't happen in this situation.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says getting to the bottom of what happened is going to take time, "I know that they are gonna have engineers looking at this to try to identify what happened."

Investigators will likely look into a 2020 study out of Florida International University which found that land in the Champlain towers area had been sinking at an alarming rate during the 1990s.

A professor from Florida International University who studied this building says that he was shocked at what he found back then, that the building was basically slowly sinking into the Earth. He believes that whatever caused this collapse, didn't start this year but many years ago.

A five million dollar class-action lawsuit on behalf of a nearby property owner and other victims was reportedly filed late last night.

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