Suspect Arrested In Defacing Of LGBTQ Crosswalk In Delray Beach

LGBTQ Crosswalk Defaced-Suspect

Photo: CBS 12

A man has been arrested for defacing a new LGBTQ Pride Intersection in Delray Beach.

20-year old Alexander Jerich turned himself in Thursday after a pickup truck was caught on video doing what appeared to be an intentional "burnout" over the rainbow colored crosswalk at the corner of Northeast 1st Street and Northeast 2nd Avenue.

It left significant damage to the streetscape painting.

The Palm Beach County Human Rights Coalition is requesting that the charges include a recently enacted law that makes defacing a memorial a felony.

As it stands, Jerich faces charges of criminal mischief, reckless driving and evidence of prejudice, which is a felony enhancement.

A conviction on a charge of defacing a memorial would lead to the man being responsible for reimbursing the City of Delray Beach for the cost of repairing the damages, in addition to severe penalties.

Click Here for the latest on the investigation.

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