Crist, Dems Want State Commission on Capitol Riots

ST. PETERSBURG --Calls for a bipartisan commission to study the capitol riots have stalled out in Washington... but a Democrat running for governor says Tallahassee should investigate at the state level.

47 Floridians have been charged in connection with the January 6th Capitol riots, more than any other state according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist joined other Democrats in calling on Governor DeSantis to issue an executive order, creating a bipartisan commission to find out why.

"We're number one in America in participating in this insurrection. This is shameful...we need to find out why that could even be possible," Crist said.

The congressman and former governor said DeSantis could create that commission with a simple executive order. Crist also called on DeSantis to answer questions such as whether he believes Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president.

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