Aggressive delta variant arrives in the Sunshine State

Dozens of cases of the delta variant of COVID-19 have now been confirmed in Florida. It's yet another good reason to get vaccinated says Dr. Tim Hendrix with AdventHealth Orlando.

"The vaccine is effective at preventing infection from this new variant- the delta variant," Dr. Hendrix said. "So that's what's reassuring is that we have time now to get our population vaccinated to even prevent this new variant from spreading in our population."

Dr. Hendrix says it's a good thing that the vaccine is effective because the delta strain is more contagious for starters.

"As these things become more contagious they are more easily spread through the community which becomes a concern but also a study or two that has come out this week says it does tend to cause more severe disease."

So the bottom line is get vaccinated ASAP if you haven't been already and if it's a 2-shot vaccine- make sure you get the second dose. Studies show only one dose doesn't give you much protection against the delta variant..

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