Florida Congresswoman Among 176 Supporting Abortion Protection Bill

A group of Congressional Democrats is pushing a piece of proposed legislation that would guarantee equal access to abortion in the U.S.

"The Women's Health Protection Act is gonna take the power to make these deeply personal decisions out of the governor's mansions, out of the state Legislatures and put it back where it belongs...in the hands of women and the people they trust."

South Florida's Lois Frankel is one of 176 U.S. House members and 45 Senators to sign onto the re-introduction of this bill that Democrats have been trying to pass for years.

This time, they say it's in response to laws like one in Mississippi that bans most abortions after 15 weeks. That law will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court next year.

During a virtual press conference on Tuesday, other Democrats, like Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, link laws that are tough on abortion to minority oppression.

"We have the opportunity and the responsibility to speak out against and actively dismantle racist and discriminatory policies."

She says laws like the one in Mississippi are akin to "white supremacy."

The main sponsor of the bill in the Senate, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, says so far there are no Republicans in either chamber supporting the Women's Health Protection Act.

Photo: Getty Images

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