NOAA Predicting Above Normal Hurricane Season

We should prepare for another active Atlantic hurricane season, which kicks off on June 1st, but it should be nothing like last year's record breaker of 30 names storms.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasters are projecting we'll see 13-20 named storms, 6-10 will become hurricanes, with 3-5 of them growing to at least Category 3 major storms.

Acting Administrator Ben Friedman says this year National Hurricane Center forecasters will use an upgraded storm surge model and "largest array of air and water un-crewed systems to date to gather data to help improve hurricane intensity forecasts and forecast models."

Its new super-computers, which will triple the capacity and double the storage of the current systems, will undergo their final testing before becoming operational in early 2022.

National Hurricane Center forecasters are already watching a non-tropical low east of Bermuda, giving it a 70% chance it will develop in the next 48-hours.

It could be named Ana on Friday.

However, it is set to move into hostile waters by early next week and have no impact on Florida.

This would be the seventh year in a row that a named storm has forms before the official start of hurricane season.

(Photo credit: Getty Images North America)

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