Palm Beach County Parents Protest Masks In School

Some Palm Beach County kids have been given the day off from school by their parents, who brought them out to the school district headquarters for a protest.

A large number of parents say they're upset that kids are still being forced to wear masks in class, despite the governor's executive order this week that suspends all government emergency orders.

Here's what one father had to say:

"Are they trying to say the school board is run by an independent business owner and not by the county?"

Another parent, Sean Sykes, says the school board needs to catch up with the governor's order suspending government emergency orders.

"I feel like we are way behind the eight ball on this. They've just removed, or made it optional for outdoor activity. It's 95 degrees and my kids are running around outside and why it took so long for them to come up with giving us an optional mask mandate for our kids outside is really concerning to me."

The school district says it has a mask POLICY, not an emergency order. They just make masks optional for outdoor activities this week.

The district also just reopened school playgrounds for the first time since closing them earlier in the pandemic.

No official decision has been made thus far regarding masks for the 2021/22 school year, though Superintendent Donald Fennoy has said he would like them to be mandatory.

Photo: CBS 12

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