Palm Beach County's Mask Mandate Extended For Another Month

It was set to expire on Sunday, but Palm Beach County's mask mandate will remain in effect for another 30 days.

"I understand that we are fatigued with COVID, we all are, we are fatigued with the masks but we are in the final chapter. Let's finish what we started strong."

During Thursday's COVID-19 update, Mayor Dave Kerner assured residents that the mandate will not be in place forever, but he couldn't give a date as to when it would be lifted.

The mayor says the data will guide the decision and right now it's showing an uptick in coronavirus cases.

Kerner says the suspension of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine isn't getting in the way of one county's efforts to get residents inoculated.

"It's been reported recently that the effort to vaccinate in Palm Beach County specifically has been stalled by the Johnson & Johnson issue. Clearly that's not the case. We have a very robust supply. In fact, there is increasing supply at the same time there is decreasing demand."

The mayor and other officials are urging residents ages 16 to 54 to get vaccinated as soon as they can, citing younger people as the main reason for an uptick in cases.

Photo: Getty Images