Vaccine makes more Floridians ready to take a trip

As COVID-19 vaccinations become more readily available, travel confidence is growing among Floridians.

A new AAA survey reveals that nearly half of the state's residents are comfortable taking a trip.

"From January to February we saw a 69% increase in the number of AAA members who are reaching out to plan that next domestic vacation," AAA Travel Manager Jessica Brady said, "which are huge numbers."

Brady says that's the biggest increase they've seen since the pandemic started and many don't want to just stop at our borders.

"People are eagerly waiting for the cruises to get back up and running as well as borders to open internationally so, yes, we are certainly starting to see an increase in the number of people booking those international vacations."

Floridians cite the vaccine and increased safety measures as the top two reasons they feel comfortable traveling now.

Image courtesy Getty

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