Sen. Scott On COVID Relief, Vaccine Supplies & Trump Impeachment

Democrats in Washington say they're ready to pass a COVID-19 stimulus package with or without the help of Republicans like Senator Rick Scott.

The Florida senator says the weather in DC isn't the only thing that's cold.

"I mean the Democrats are trying to freeze all of these Republicans out. It doesn't matter what our vote is today. They're going to try to pass a $2 trillion bill today with no Republican support."

Scott says he attended President Biden's Inauguration, in which he spoke about unity and bipartisanship, but the senator says that lasted almost no days.

The senator says the partisanship by the Democrats will continue next week, when the Impeachment trial of former President Trump gets underway.

"It's political theater. It's like what goes on at the Kennedy Center, not at the U.S. Capitol."

He says nothing will be accomplished by the trial.

"There's nothing good for a family out of this. Nobody gets helped with this. It's looking backwards. We need to look forward. It's vindictive."

In addition, the senator says bringing a former president to trial for impeachment is "Constitutionally sketchy."

The Senate Impeachment trial is scheduled to begin next Tuesday, with Trump accused of inciting the deadly riot at the Capitol last month.

On the topic of the limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine in Florida, Scott is pledging to continue working to get more into our state.

"Until everybody that wants the vaccine has it, it's going to be frustrating for everybody. I just had breakfast with an individual, 82 years old up here in D.C. and he still can't get the vaccine."

He says it's imperative that the government remain transparent with Floridians when it comes to the limited supply

Photo: Getty Images

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