Hillsborough Superintendent Tells Tampa Council: Budget Cuts On Way

TAMPA -- Hillsborough School Superintendent Addison Davis doesn't answer to the Tampa City Council, but when invited to Thursday's council meeting he gave them a 15-minute presentation on the impact of the COVID pandemic and other issues.

Davis said that enrollment in the Hillsborough school district, which was budgeted at 228,000, is coming in at 215,000. Three thousand students have left for charter schools and another three thousand have gone to homeschooling. That leaves 7,000 students unaccounted for. Davis says his staff is trying to figure out where they went.

Of the students in the system, Davis says 120,000 are learning on campus while the rest are online.

Davis says the enrollment losses mean the district will lose money from the state. He told council that previous administrations didn't account for losses to charter schools in their budgeting.

Davis also told council, about two and a half percent of the teacher population has decided to quit, retire or go on leave of absence.

Photo: Getty Images