Tampa Congresswoman Featured in Democrats' Climate Rollout

WASHINGTON -- House Democrats roll out their plans for dealing with climate change... with a Tampa congresswoman playing a major part.

Kathy Castor heads the House Select Committee on Climate Change. Speaking at a Tuesday news conference, Castor said the Democrats' plan "provides hope and vision" and is a "transformative road map" to a 100%clean energy economy.

Castor said the plan is "equitable and inclusive", including environmental justice for minority communities affected by health issues because of proximity to toxic industrial facilities, and will put people back to work.

Castor said the plan will promote building and buying American-made electric cars by extending tax credits.

"People across the world are eager for America to return to a leadership role... and our plan will help get us there."

The Democrats say their plan includes about 120 bills to address issues such as clean energy jobs and environmental justice. They claim it would save 60,000 lives a year and eight trillion dollars by 2050. In their preface, the Democrats insist that they can't wait to deal with climate issues, even with the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the nation.

The plan did not set a price tag for the Democrats' climate change initiative.

Photo: Getty Images