Police Chief Cites ShotSpotter, Police Work For Decline In Homicides

West Palm Beach Police Chief Frank Adderley

During his State of the City address this week, West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James announced that there has a been a significant reduction in crime with homicides in the city declining by 29 percent year-over year in 2019.

Police Chief Frank Adderley expanded on that for us.

"Although the number's good, I don't think it's time for us to wave a flag claiming victory. I think we've got a lot of work ahead of us."

The chief credits a number of things for bringing the number of homicides down to 17 last year, including ShotSpotter technology, which pinpoints where gunshots are coming from, the work of his officers and those who treat the individuals who have been shot.

"I think a lot of the shootings that probably could have been definite homicides were St. Mary's (Medical Center, the local trauma hospital) saving lives and the quick response of our emergency management team."

Adderley says he continues to work on building a relationship with the community so that those who witness crimes will trust that if they come forward, they will be safe from retaliation.

Photo: West Palm Beach Police Dept.

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