Trump Organization Cancels Event At Mar-a-Lago After Complaints


The Trump Organization has canceled an event scheduled at Mar-a-Lago that was expected to raise money for the group "ACT for America."

When news broke on Saturday that the organization would be holding a fundraiser at the president's Palm Beach estate next month, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, put out a statement calling ACT an "Islamophobic hate group" and claiming that it was "totally inappropriate" that the event would be held.

According to the website for Act for America, the organization does "not tolerate any bias, discrimination or violence against anyone, based on their religion, gender, race or political persuasion." It's listed mission is to "educate, engage, train and mobilize citizens to ensure the safety and security of Americans against all threats foreign and domestic while preserving civil liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution."

No details as to why the event was canceled.

Photo: Getty Images

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