Sister Of Fallen Marine Writes Children's Books To Instill Patriotism

flag funeral veteran services

flag funeral veteran services

Everyone has their own way of coping with loss. For Gold Star Sister Elisa Camara, it's writing.

The Orlando woman lost her brother in the 1983 bombings of the Marines barracks in Lebanon. 241 Americans died that day. 220 of them were U.S. Marines, and one of those Marines was Elisa's brother.

"I wanted to continue my brother's legacy. My first book is titled "American Brother" and it actually tells the history of the Beirut bombing."

It also details the story of U.S. Marine Sergeant Mecot Camara.

"Now he's the main character in all of my children's books titled "Patriot Pup." He carries the story with this gregarious, mischievous puppy. But in each story we're teaching an element of patriotism."

She says Vice President Mike Pence was interested in the "Patriot Pup" book.

"We were invited to a ceremony to honor the Marines that were killed in Beirut and he was the guest speaker. His brother, Greg Pence, was serving in the military and was over in Beirut at the time it happened."

The VP took Elisa's business card and she soon received a call from someone in his office, asking for her to send a copy of the book.

"He put the book into the White House library and he sends me a copy of his photograph with him and the book in the White House library."

She wishes more people were patriotic, including some of those who get paid to play sports for a living.

"One of the ladies at one of the events that I was out at 2 days ago said that I needed to share my book about the national anthem to the football players."

Camara refers to the few NFL players who continue to kneel during the national anthem.

"To me, it's like you're disrespecting my brother's service when things like that happen."

While only a few players still kneel before their games, others put their fists in the air during the "Star Spangled Banner," while many can be seen on the sidelines arm-in-arm, rather than placing their hands on their hearts.

"If I could have ten minutes with some of those guys and let them know that the flag that they're taking a knee when the national anthem plays is the flag that was draped over my brother's casket."

She says she hopes her books educate kids, while entertaining them at the same time.

"I wanted to make sure that I make things a positive and I teach kids at an early age about the national anthem and about the Pledge of Allegiance so then that way, the goal is they'll turn into wonderful American citizens who value our country."

Elisa Camara was in attendance at the dedication ceremony for Florida's newest monument honoring Gold Star family members like herself, who have lost a loved one in service.

Palm Beach County is the third area of the state to get a Gold Star Families Memorial Monument. One such structure is in the works in Elisa's hometown of Orlando.

Photos of Elisa Camara and Vice President Mike Pence: Elisa Camara

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