Jeffrey Epstein Denied Bail, PBSO Denies Reports Of Sex On Work Release

Bail has been denied for financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in new federal charges of sex trafficking underage girls at his mansions in Palm Beach and New York.

New York U.S. District Judge Richard Berman Thursday called Epstein a "danger to others and to the community." He also referred to Epstein as a flight risk.

Meanwhile, we have more information on a denial by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office to accusations that the multi-millionaire was allowed to have sex while on work release.

For 13 months, starting in June 2008, Epstein spent time in jail in West Palm Beach, but was allowed to spend 12 hours per day at his office. It was during that time that an attorney representing one of his many alleged victims says females were brought to the hedge fund manager.

But the Sheriff's Office says that was impossible.

Spokesperson Teri Barbera said that "IF he violated any conditions of his release he would have been brought back to the Stockade and work release would have been terminated."

She also pointed us to a video, made for a documentary and kept by the Sheriff's Office, in which Chief Deputy Michael Gauger explains that Epstein was carefully guarded.


"He was picked up by a driver. That driver then took him directly to his office where he was met with a permit deputy that he paid for. He was not allowed to go out for lunch. He had to stay in that office the entire time."

Barbera also notes that Epstein "wore a GPS monitor which would have alerted us IF he did not drive directly to and from the Stockade to his place of business."

Authorities have shared the list of approved visitors and Gauger says that was closely followed.

"He was not allowed to have family, friends, guests at his office. The only ones that were allowed to visit him were his attorneys or his business partner. And there was a sign-in sheet and it was closely monitored by our team."

The Sheriff's Office says that Epstein's time served ended on July 21, 2009, and that's when he immediately went on probation. He registered as a sex offender, as part of a plea deal, the following day and anything that he might have done from that point on was not monitored by PBSO, but by the businessman's parole officer.

We've reached out to Brad Edwards' Fort Lauderdale office. He is the attorney representing at least one alleged victim of Epstein. Edwards claimed this week that he spoke with a witness who told him Epstein had sex with females while on work release, but couldn't say whether they were minors.

We want clarification as to whether it's possible dates are misconstrued and that Epstein may have in fact already been released on probation by the time said sex occurred, if it did at all.


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