Florida Governor Signs Bill to Encourage Self-Driving Cars

AUBURNDALE -- A new Florida law is meant to put more cars... but not more drivers... on Florida roads.

Governor Ron DeSantis used a state-run test track in Polk County as the backdrop Thursday, to sign a bill making it easier to develop the technology behind self driving cars.

The bill allows self-driving cars to be operated without human backup... which not only encourages companies that make the technology, but could also make it easier for industries like ridesharing and trucking to cut back on human drivers.

DeSantis thinks it could motivate companies in the autonomous vehicle sector to move from California to Florida. "Florida officially has an open door policy... and we have a better business climate," DeSantis said.

The co-author of the bill, Pinellas County state senator Jeff Brandes, says he got the idea for legislation after watching TED talks. "This is by far the best law in the country... (allowing) ultimate flexibility for companies. It has responsible insurance requirements that (ensure) a third party is validating this technology."

Listen to Gov. DeSantis and Sen. Brandes talk about the bill at a signing event:

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