Florida Mother and Son Encourage Self Publishing Authors

ORLANDO -- It used to be called "vanity press." Those authors who couldn't get big publishing houses to print their books paid to churn out hundreds or thousands of them. Usually it just meant a lot of books in the garage, or in the hands of family and friends.

The internet, social media and E-publishing have changed the game, not to mention Amazon and the decline of old-style publishing houses and bookstores. A mother and son team from the Orlando area have become self-taught experts in the new world of the book business.

Retired high school teacher C.B. Hoffmann and her son Dan Hoffmann, both Florida natives and graduates of the state university system, have churned out six E-books, three audiobooks and a short video. They're works of fiction, ranging from mysteries to young-adult novels, with faith-based themes. They're responsible for the writing, book cover designs, recording the audio, and running social media campaigns to get the word out.

Now they're trying to share their experiences, to encourage other authors to become publishers.

They've created a page on their website with tips for would-be self-publishers.

Listen to a podcast interview with C.B. and Dan Hoffmann.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Paper books with digital e-reader

Paper books with digital e-reader