West Palm Beach Mayor Introduces The Man He Wants To Be Police Chief

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James has introduced residents to the man whom he has nominated to be the next police chief.

Former Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley spoke to the media yesterday.

"This is definitely a privilege for me to be nominated to be the Police Chief here in the beautiful city of West Palm Beach."

The mayor says he's making the change because his top priority is public safety.

Adderley says he will first get to know the officers who've taken an oath to protect and serve.

"My first thing is to come in and I'm going to educate myself as to the make-up of the city and the people, the men and the women of the West Palm Beach Police Department."


Once he's met all of the officers on staff, the incoming chief, if he's approved by the City Commission next month, says he'll turn his attention toward the residents.

"My goal, if I had it my way, I want to meet the 110,000 full-time residents here in this city."

Adderley says his old city and West Palm have similarities and he feels it's a good fit for him.

"I come from a city just an hour south of here, Fort Lauderdale, who has the same dynamics as the city of West Palm Beach. (The) only thing that's missing here is you have a name 'beach' and Fort Lauderdale has a beach."

The mayor plans to have Adderley replace Chief Sarah Mooney, who moves to Assistant Chief of Emergency Management.


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