President Receiving Backlash Over Laughing At A Joke Made By Supporter

Many people took to Twitter over a part of President Trump's speech last night after one of his supporters yelled a joke about migrants getting shot at the border.


During his rally last night in the Florida Panhandle, the President was making his case for a border wall and said their are "hundreds and hundreds" of migrants and only two or three border security people.

Trump said, we don't let border security use weapons and "I would never do that," and then asked, "how do you stop these people?"

Someone in the audience yelled "shoot them."

Trump laughed at the remark and said, "only in the Panhandle" could you get away with that statement, which in turn got a laugh from the audience.

Democratic Representative Veronica Escobar of Texas said she was disappointed after watching the exchange.


Also during his speech, the President vowed to to approve the state's request to boost federal funding for Hurricane Michael recovery.

During his campaign rally in Panama City Beach Wednesday night, the president said federal reimbursement levels for hurricane recovery in that area would be increased from 75 to 90 percent in many circumstances.

The president said $448 million has been approved by his administration for housing disaster recovery assistance.

He also promised that Tyndall Air Force Base will be rebuilt after sustaining massive damage in the storm.

Watch his full speech below.



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