CEO Spotlight: B3 Medical

About Timothy BainDC, FAAIM, CCSP, EMHL

When the players with the Tampa Bay Lightning need a doctor they can trust, they turn to Dr. Tim Bain. He is the doctor in the Lightning locker room keeping players healthy on and off the ice.

But caring for the Lightning and other top professional and elite athletes is just one of Dr. Bain’s passions.

A leading innovator in healthcare, Dr. Bain is passionate about reforming healthcare to be less focused on medication and surgeries when people are sick, and more focused on optimizing health and keeping people well. That’s why he brought together a team of innovative specialists and formed B3 Medical.

A former research scientist at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Bain is a graduate of the Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership Program at Brown University, where he won the Inaugural Healthcare Leadership Award for Innovation in Healthcare. He also holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University and a B.S. in Biology with a focus in Psychology from Manhattan College.

Dr. Bain’s greatest passion is family, his wife and two children…and somehow, he also finds time to coach dozens of children, including his son, in Minor Hockey.

B3 Medical Mission

It’s been our goal to design an innovative and compassionate healthcare model that allows patients to feel comfortable and confident in their healthcare once again, and to demonstrate how healthcare in America can still be done right.

Our model begins by reaching into the past to re-establish that genuine feeling of caring and compassion that you felt in your local doctor’s office in years gone by. We then incorporate the best of modern-day medicine to provide many of the most advanced and innovative medical technologies and techniques available today.

The result is a network of 8 state-of-the-art medical facilities, all with a level of patient care few others can match.


When others suggest risky knee and joint surgeries, we provide innovative non-surgical protocols with no downtime, a fraction of the cost and often phenomenal results.

Fewer Medications

When others suggest repeated doses of prescription medications each time you get sick, we provide proactive guidance in nutrition, physical therapy, exercise and lifestyle to keep you well.

Healthcare over Sick-Care

We don’t just see you when you’re sick; we work with you when you’re well. We optimize your performance, so you can enjoy life, and excel at the activities and the lifestyle you love.

Our goal is simple…

to use our medical skills and expertise to the best of our abilities to care for people of all ages and incomes who need our help, and to make this world a better and healthier place.

Over the past decade…

we’ve been proud to help thousands of patients get back to enjoying and embracing an active, healthy and pain free life. Perhaps we can do the same for you.

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