List Of Dishes You Should Never Make On Thanksgiving

Insider put together a list of Thanksgiving holiday dishes that you should NEVER make.

Now, some of these side items I agree with, but other not so much.

I'm still trying to figure out how Green Bean Casserole, Dinner Rolls and Pecan Pie made the list.

Here's a full list of dishes you should never make according to Insider:

  1. Canned cranberry sauce
  2. Green bean casserole
  3. Pecan pie
  4. Ambrosia salad
  5. Jell-O salad
  6. Vegetable tray
  7. Corn pudding
  8. Giblet gravy
  9. Puréed squash
  10. Dinner rolls

Do you agree with the list? What Thanksgiving dish do you think should never be made?


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