Criminals: Woman Attacked by Women Stealing Her Tubes at Guadalupe River

Woman says she was attacked by women stealing her tubes at Guadalupe River

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A Woman Does Her Own Detective Work and Tracks Down the People Who Stole Her SUV

I know the police don't really WANT us taking crime solving into our own hands . . . but it's damn impressive when we do.

There's a woman named Danielle Reno in Kansas City, Missouri. And last Tuesday night, she stopped at a convenience store and left her SUV running. She was only inside briefly . . . but three women stole her SUV and drove off.

Danielle filed a police report . . . but decided to also handle things herself. Instead of canceling her credit cards that were in the SUV, she left them open . . . so she could monitor how the thieves were using them.

Over the course of the next two days, she monitored where the thieves were going. Eventually, they used the cards at a gas station near Danielle's house . . . and Danielle rushed there to ask for information.

A clerk said she heard the women talking about going to Applebee's. So Danielle headed to the Applebee's nearby, sat down, and waited. And eventually, the thieves drove up in her SUV and walked in.

Danielle stole back her SUV . . . then called the cops. And she livestreamed all of it on Facebook. 

The cops went to the Applebee's, and the women were arrested. 

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(Warning: There's some profanity.)


A Guy Takes His Wife to a Strip Club, Then Freaks Out When She Gets on Stage

Something tells me this guy's night didn't go the way he wanted it to . . .

36-year-old Chris Sutton was staying at a hotel with his wife in the Florida Keys over the weekend. And they decided to be adventurous, and go to a strip club together called Woody's.

But then he freaked out when the strippers pulled his wife ON STAGE, and she went along with it.

Apparently they were undressing her, and she was cool with it. But Chris wasn't, and he started yelling at her. So she walked off stage and left.

A random guy saw them arguing in the parking lot, and heard Chris threaten to KILL her if she left. So he stepped in to help . . . and got punched in the nose.

Chris claims he didn't punch the guy, and told cops the blood they saw on his shirt was from a fall.

The wife says he didn't get physical with HER. But he's facing battery charges for punching the random guy who tried to help. 

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A serial pooper is on the loose in Michigan . . . they keep pooping in a public pool so it keeps getting shut down.

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A Guy Was Pulled Over for Speeding . . . and Had 179 Pounds of Marijuana

If you've got a little something illegal in the car, you shouldn't speed. This guy didn't just have a "little something" illegal.

A 25-year-old guy named Manuel Torres from Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada was pulled over last week for speeding in his minivan in Queensbury, New York.

When the cop came up to the car, he thought he smelled some weed.

And when he searched the vehicle, he found 179 POUNDS of marijuana in a bunch of duffel bags.

Manuel was arrested on two felony counts, for criminal possession of marijuana and conspiracy. 

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Two Guys Get Into a Tiki Torch Fight at a Mall Food Court

It's been a tough couple of years for tiki torches. First they became the official light source of NAZIS during the Charlottesville disaster . . . and now THIS . . .

On Thursday, two guys got into a fight in a mall food court in Madison, Wisconsin . . . and they were both armed with tiki torches.

Apparently they grabbed them from a restaurant's patio and started sword fighting with them. Luckily they were electric tiki torches so the guys weren't swinging open flames.

The cops say the fight started because one of the guys gave the other guy a ride up from Chicago, but then got mad when the guy wouldn't buy him a cell phone. So they started swinging tiki torches.

One of the guys ran off before the cops showed up, but the other is a 21-year-old named Damonte Lacey-Parr, and he was arrested for disorderly conduct while armed and criminal damage to property. 

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