Hobby Lobby Is More Than An Arts And Crafts Store

Normally when you think of or drive by a 'Hobby Lobby' store, arts and crafts or home decor come to mind. Usually,  you're not thinking of photo shoots... unless you're going to get props there.

But thanks to the internet and the  #HobbyLobbyChallenge , you are now actually going to think of Hobby Lobby as your next photo shoot destination.

People from all over the country are taking place in this awesome 'challenge' and the results are actually incredible. In the challenge, people are to go to Hobby Lobby with their cameras and go to the artificial flower section to use as their background in some Instagram worthy pictures!

People from all ages and even PETS are taking part in this internet sensation.

Zephyrhills mom & Photographer, Rachel Sommers headed down to her local Hobby Lobby and took part in the #HobbyLobbyChallenge with her 4 children. 

I mean WOW... who would've thought that one aisle could immediately make you look like you're deep in the jungle?!

Hobby Lobby Challenge

Or like Local Photographer, Devin Hardt captured, a giant field of Sunflowers.

Your options really are endless at this awesome Arts & Crafts store. Head down to your local Hobby Lobby and check out the flower aisle. You may want to snap a few pictures or selfies there too for your next profile pic!

Need a new Instagram picture? Hobby Lobby may be the place for you!

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