Katie's Top 5 Sweet Spots Around Tampa Bay

So I eat a LOT of sweets, definitely more than the average person and I am okay with that.

I love trying NEW places, rather than eating the same sweets over and over again. Living around Tampa, I can't bring myself to eat the same things over and over, knowing the ample amount of options around me.

So along my journeys for some new sweet spots, I have managed to find some pretty incredible desserts.

Here are my top 5 favorites SO FAR.... I still have a lot of places I'd like to go.

(These are in NO specific order, I love them all equally)



First on the list is the Strawberry Milkshake & Strawberry Shortcake from Parksdale Farms in Plant City.

For  those of you who think the Strawberry Festival is the only time you can  get some kick-ass Strawberry Shortcake, YOU MUST GO HERE. It's  phenomenal and you can get it more than 12 days a year.

I don't know what it is about their whipped cream that tastes so good, but I definitely do love it!

Another place in Tampa that I absolutely love and frequent quite often is The Mini Doughnut Factory!

This place not only has incredible donuts, but their coffee and milkshakes are nothing short of delectable! 

Their milkshakes are even topped with one of these adorable mini doughnuts. You can get just about ANYTHING you could think of on top of your donut here. The best part about this place is how fresh the donuts are. They're almost always served still hot! 

If you've never been and are going for the first time, I highly suggest the Anti-Filled or the Rice Krispies' Donuts! If you're feeling extra crazy and want to really be different, get the bacon and maple donut!! (It is actually VERY tasty)

Yes... this is a unicorn ice cream cone, don't judge! This ice cream cone is more than just adorable though, it is SOOO yummy! I don't know what they make the horn and ears out of, but they were my favorite part of the entire cone. It was like a mix between marshmallow and Vanilla fondant.

But don't get me wrong, the cuteness of this cone was definitely the selling factor. This was TOO Instagram worth to pass up.

You can pick any of their ice cream or frozen yogurt flavors to fill your cone and get any fun toppings on it you want, from Sour Straws to Lucky Charms Marshmallows. 

You can find this cute cone at Iceburg in Downtown St. Pete.



Looking at these Cannolis even now just makes me sad. Why sad? Because I didn't know about these pieces of heaven until recently.

I discovered these recently while stumbling upon Mazzaro's Italian Market in St. Pete and OMG!

This entire place is just incredible. I had never actually been to ANY Italian Market ever, so I really didn't know what to expect walking into this place. Although it is extremely chaotic and clustered, it is also entirely worth it. You basically grab a number and have to listen for your number over the 20 people that are yelling throughout the market.

This place has EVERYTHING an Italian could ever want... it's so much more than just desserts. I definitely recommend checking out their Deli!

Happy Dough

Happy Dough

Mmmm.... this place is definitely my go-to when I want something sweet, easy and not messy! It is close to my house and it's sure to fill my sweet tooth.

This place is still relatively new and unfortunately it is only on the weekends, but if you are ever out at The Shops At Wiregrasss shopping, stop by The Happy Dough and grab yourself some of this gourmet edible cookie dough.

Originally, I thought edible cookie dough would be WAYY too much and I wouldn't really care for it, but I was so wrong, they make it just the right amount of sweet and they have a pretty large variety of flavors. You can even mix and match if you can't decide on which flavor you want to try. Check them out!

If you go to any of these places, or have been to any of these places, give me some feedback... HOW WAS IT? What did you order!?

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