Gasparilla.... Zoomed In

So First, let's start by saying we ALL know people don't necessarily make the best decisions whilst at Gasparilla. So some of these pictures are to be expected..

I had taken my GoPro with me to the parade because I wanted some awesome pictures of the crowd, which I got. But upon further inspection, I saw some HILARIOUS spectators!

Normally people know WHY they're at Gasparilla, (At least at the beginning) but this guy seems to be a little confused as to why we are standing on a float throwing beads.

Unlike this girl, who knew EXACTLY why she was at the parade and there was NO fence that was going to stop her from getting her beads. She came to get beads, and she intends to get them at all costs, with the help of a few friends. 

They better have been some AWESOME beads!

But not everyone goes to Gasparilla just to get beads.... some just stand their smoking something that I can only assume is NOT a cigarette while his friend just stands there with his arms crossed.

Buddy, how do you anticipate getting beads with your arms crossed? I'm not really sure what exactly he's doing.. but he seems happy, so whatever. His friend just causally smoking is what's really funny here.

It looks the girl in front may have just gotten a whiff of whatever the guy behind her is smoking..

Then there's this guy, who doesn't care about the beads, doesn't care about getting high, he CLEARLY just came to dance and party.

Well, at least, I think he is dancing... maybe he is practicing his Dragon Ball Z stance, I am not really sure.

Either way, he seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself. Rock on, my friend!

And most people do thoroughly enjoy themselves. Mostly, I got smiling faces like you can see here!

But there's ALWAYS that one guy you can't help but wonder, why did you even show up?

 I mean he is CLEARLY not having fun!

Oh well, Thanks for coming Sleepy Head!

Until Next Year!!!

We hope everyone had a safe and fun Gasparilla!!

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